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On and Off Highway

On and Off Highway

Near-Zero Emmisions
Meet Near Zero PPM

Do you need Domestic, World-Class Cellular Manufacturing?

The newest generation of diesel technology has positively impacted air quality by replacing older less efficient diesel trucks, preventing over 202 million tons of CO2 emissions from 2007 to 2020. Equal to saving 20 billion gallons of diesel fuel.

This success story relies on high pressure fuel systems and components that require cutting edge manufacturing technology to withstand pressures up to 60,000 PSI. Let’s power a cleaner future, together.

The Camcraft Advantage

Top Talent

Top technical talent resourced with the best available hardware and software, combine to produce the most innovative solutions, together they find the path best suited for your part or program.

Custom Solutions

With patented technology solutions powered by our in-house automation and metrology expertise, we have developed a unique offering to accelerate tomorrow’s cleanest diesel engines. Let us put our solutions to work for you.

Engineering Depth

NP development experts, with dozens of successful new product launches involving 10’s of millions in asset purchases and 100’s of millions in related product revenue. Adding new capabilities as often as we add new capacity, we bring a world of solutions to your program.