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Precision and Performance

A Better Supply Chain Solution

As a North American automotive supplier with a global reach, we have been central to the success of dozens of best-selling vehicle platforms that have produced over 100 million vehicles. Each of these vehicles utilize premium oil control valves (OCV’s) as part of an OEM variable valve timing (VVT) solution.

Our customers ask us to create state-of-the art manufacturing cells, producing zero PPM year after year. What could a high-performing North American supply-chain partner do for you? Let’s talk.

The Camcraft Advantage

Development partner

Starting with the end in mind, cost, capacity, and reliability, we deliver innovation and new solutions, tailored to those critical design elements that will make your product a clear winner in the eyes of your customer.

Automation Expertise

With millions invested in an array of automation solutions Camcraft and our sister company, Matrix Design, are expert at utilizing every second in the cycle to deliver a robust and reliable manufacturing cell ready to meet the ebbs and flows of global demand.

Performance Metrics

Metrology expertise that will earn the respect of your design, engineering, and supplier quality teams, applying creative solutions to get full alignment of print, process, and product performance, delivering world-class metrics with every shipment.