“Camcraft has top-notch employees, better than many  other suppliers. They consistently demonstrate honesty and integrity and are always willing to support us. We have very challenging customers and Camcraft employees stand ready to help us meet those challenges.” – John F. NPI Purchasing Coordinator, Fuel Systems

Operational Excellence

The heart of our success at Camcraft is our staff— more than 300 highly skilled and motivated team members in two Chicago-area facilities. By providing extensive continuous improvement and advanced education classes, our people have the tools to excel in their professional and personal lives. Once our customers experience this, they quickly become our biggest advocates.

As a way of empowering and engaging all of our employees, Camcraft launched our E2B2 initiative in 2012: Everybody, Everyday (getting) Better and Better. Our culture of continuous improvement gives freedom and resources to every employee to close gaps between our current and desired state, producing over 25,000 implemented improvements to date. This type of individual and team responsibility creates a safer environment, and a happier, more engaged workforce, allowing Camcraft to be more productive and able to deliver higher levels of quality on-time, every day.

Our culture has helped to create a heightened sense of community and is just one of the reasons we received the notable Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in 2017 and IndustryWeek’s Best Plants Award in 2015.


2015 IndustryWeek Best Plants Award Winner: Champion of Manufacturing

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