Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is woven into the fabric of our culture at Camcraft. To involve all employees in our continuous improvement initiatives, we implemented our own approach, called E2B2, which stands for Everyone, Everyday getting Better and Better.

E2B2 is not a suggestions program, but rather a way for individuals to identify where there is a gap between the current and desired state of their area of expertise and then take action to close that gap. This type of individualized creative problem solving helps Camcraft stay ahead of the competition by being more efficient, eliminating waste, improving product quality, and by working safer and smarter.

With each employee completing at least one E2B2 per month, we have seen a dramatic rise in participation in the program, and are currently achieving a 100% participation rate. Not only does our continuous improvement program strengthen our processes, it allows every person in the company to contribute to Camcraft’s successes. This creates an unparalleled sense of community and contributes to our overall goal of being a Great Place to Work.


2015 IndustryWeek Best Plants Award Winner: Champion of Manufacturing

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