Maintaining the best technology and equipment is key to keeping up with the ever-changing demands in the industry. At Camcraft, we provide our team with the most current machining and metrology technology available.

On our factory floor, you’ll see advanced turning machines from the world’s most respected manufacturers: Index, Schutte, Citizen, Mikron, Hydromat, Citizen and more. Our finishing equipment also comes from lines with respected pedigrees, including Voumard, Studer, Toyoda, and Thielenhaus. We’re constantly deploying state-of-the-art technology to produce tight tolerance parts for mission critical applications.

To deliver the world’s most intimidating components, we know that we need to have metrology equipment and processes that can measure as well as, or better, than our customers. With the target of zero PPM, Camcraft invests millions in technology and training for each customer’s production needs. In our quality labs, you’ll find Zeiss CMMs, Brown & Sharpe profile scanners, Tropel high-speed non-contact optical interferometric measurement machines, and other equipment from leading manufacturers.

Process Development Guide: The Plan Behind the Part

At Camcraft, our customers are often on the leading edge of technology in their respective industries. As they move forward with new designs, they inevitably come to the point where the product must move from the creative phase to the reality of the production line. It’s in this phase of product development that Camcraft can…

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Rightweighting Parts Leads to Maximum Performance

When machining a part, it stands to reason that optimizing the component’s size and weight within the design parameters of the system is an important step in maximizing efficiency and performance. We call this principle “rightweighting.” The aerospace industry, with its daily battles between power, lift and mass, was one of the first segments to…

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