Tool Time: Meet the Versatile, Proficient Camcraft Tool Room

toolroom-editIn our industry, microns matter. That means tool quality is mission critical. Camcraft has invested heavily in our tool room staff and equipment to make the tools needed to deliver the high-end parts we are known for.

Most tool rooms can provide basic repairs to tools and fixtures used in production, but often have to go outside the plant for more difficult work. But thanks to careful investments in machinery and personnel, Camcraft’s team of tool makers are able to produce at a much higher level.

Born out of necessity

Bill Kroll, Manager of Manufacturing Engineering at Camcraft, says the tool room investments began because outside vendors didn’t have the ability to meet our needs. “We feel that nobody can make tools as well as we can, to the high-end tolerances that are necessary for the work we do,” he says.

Today, the Camcraft tool room has the ability to fabricate—inside our own walls—any tooling that is used in our processes. We make our own drills, reamers, and form and shave tooling. We also make work holding for casting and secondary operations, fixtures, jaws, special step counter bores, tooling for in-house automation, and special geometry drills to minimize burrs in crossholes.

Technology meets experience

toolroomMany of the people in our tool room have decades of experience, and they gladly share their knowledge with our up-and-comers. “A lot of people don’t know that we have a four-year tooling apprenticeship program,” Kroll says. “We take some of the best guys from the shop and turn them into tool makers.”

Our tool makers have the best CNC and manual equipment at their disposal. EDM machines, turning centers, five-axis grinding machines and more are available to help them meet the ever-increasing demands of the Camcraft production floor.

Our secret weapon for fighting downtime

If there’s a challenge with a machine on the Camcraft floor, the tool room team can react right away and modify a tool on the spot instead of taking the problem outside and delaying production. Because we’re able to spot issues, correct them and implement immediately, maintaining maximum productivity is a reality.

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