Rapid Re-Sourcing


Our previous supplier was shutting our line down every week, this was frustrating and problematic… Camcraft is very complete, they have the whole package.”–Erika N., Materials Planner, Fortune 500 Company

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Sometimes the best laid plans can suffer a setback, the best of intentions do not always translate to the execution and performance side of the equation. Rapid Re-Sourcing is designed to recover failing product launches, getting them back on track, preserving customer relationships, reputation and revenue projections. The reasons vary but the skills and resources needed to accomplish this are foundational to our NPI360 new product launch capabilities but on a vastly accelerated basis, we call it Rapid Re-Sourcing and it can repair frayed timelines, delivering the performance metrics you expect from your best suppliers.

Camcraft’s ability to invest quickly, to assign program management and quality technicians, to be able to produce fixtures, tooling and metrology solutions in-house allows you to control the new timeline and get the launch back on track.

If a supplier setback has put a critical product launch at risk we think we can help and we would like to talk with your team about it: Sales@camcraft.com

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