Electro-controlled hydraulic valve components

Camcraft has been manufacturing electro-controlled hydraulic valve components for four decades, giving our team the experience and skillset needed to support programs for the most advanced aerospace, automotive, medical, off-road, and industrial hydraulic applications.

We invest in the best cutting, finishing, and metrology equipment in the industry. Camcraft utilizes diamond bore sizing to achieve the tightest i.d. tolerances, typically +/- 2.5 microns or less, with micro finishes under 8Ra.

For heat-treated components, we use a well proven oven mapping scheme combined with expertise in tool design, cutting pressure, lubricants, material selection and oven recipes to minimize distortion and optimize cost.


  • Anodized Aluminum and Hardened Steel Hydraulic Sleeves

    Anodized Aluminum and Hardened Steel Hydraulic Sleeves

    Anodized aluminum and hardened steel hydraulic sleeves machined with I.D. finishes under 8 Ra and sharp, burr-free metering edges for superior product performance in customer applications.