Camcraft is a hydraulics and fuel system component specialist. Utilizing the latest machining technology and automation, Camcraft manufactures the most complex hydraulic engine management and fuel system components for on- and off-highway applications. We specialize in producing the most intimidating, precision-machined components for our clients. These parts require heat-treatment, grinding, bore sizing, hard-turning and super-finishing to achieve precise tolerances and to provide superior performance for our customers’ applications.

Fuel Systems

From complex injector bodies and injector nozzles to plungers, Camcraft has decades of expertise producing high quality parts with superior finishes that can withstand injector pressures over 2,200 bar. From grinding and hard-turning to AFM deburring, ECM, and shot-peening, we ensure excellence in our post heat treatment processes. 

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Near Net Shape Products

At Camcraft, we put just as much time, energy, and precision into our near net shape components as we do our spools and sleeves. We magnify our finishing operations to fit the scale of fuel system parts for diesel locomotive and marine engine high pressure pump and injector applications.

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Control Valves

We produce a variety of control valves and components for automotive applications including variable valve timing, cam phasing, stability control systems, and continuously variable transmissions.

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Hydraulic Components

Camcraft is a trusted manufacturer of precision hydraulic components for industrial applications. Our tight tolerances and superior micro-finishes ensure that sleeves and spools come out burr free and clean every time.

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