Utilizing the latest technology in machining and metrology, Camcraft manufactures the most complex components and assemblies for today’s most advanced applications. We specialize in producing the most intimidating, precision-machined components for our clients. Utilizing our NPI360 or our Rapid Re-Sourcing methodology, these parts often require heat-treatment, grinding, bore sizing, hard-turning and super-finishing to achieve precise tolerances and to provide superior performance for our customers’ applications.


Aerospace & Defense: Critical Components

As a flight audit awarded supplier we are often asked to take on the most demanding components that are critical to the function of our customer’s newest designs. Our facilities list can quickly convey the breadth and depth of our machining and metrology capabilities, but what we are told from our customers is that Camcraft differentiates itself from other suppliers in the level of execution at each interaction. We function as an extension of their own team, from inception and technical reviews to prototypes, print and process development with a seamless scale to production, allowing our customer to focus their resources elsewhere with improved outcomes at each step.

Hydraulic Valves

Camcraft has been co-engineering and manufacturing electro-controlled hydraulic valve components for four decades, giving our team the experience and skillset needed to support programs for the most advanced aerospace, automotive, medical, off-road, and industrial hydraulic applications.

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Fuel Systems

From complex injector bodies and injector nozzles to plungers, Camcraft has decades of expertise producing high quality parts with superior finishes that can withstand injector pressures over 2,200 bar. From grinding and hard-turning to AFM deburring, ECM, and shot-peening, we ensure excellence in our post heat treatment processes. 

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Complex Milling

Within a 400 millimeter by 400 millimeter envelope, Camcraft produces some of the most demanding prismatic parts for today’s most advanced technologies. By designing and producing our own tooling and fixtures and writing our own metrology programs we can control process capability to an uncommon level of ultra-high precision. Materials machined include high grade alloy steels, aluminum, titanium, Inconel, even vanadium alloy, and others.

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Control Valves

We produce a variety of control valves and components for automotive applications including variable valve timing, cam phasing, stability control systems, and continuously variable transmissions.

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