Robotics and the Development of People

There is one word that best describes how our employees used to feel about the introduction of robots and automation at Camcraft.  That word was fear.  Simply put, they were fearful that such innovation might eliminate their job.   Today, after 33 distinct robotic installations, that concern has evaporated.  Why is this so?  From a practical perspective, not a single employee has ever lost their job at Camcraft due the use of robotics or automation.

So what is going on?  Consider the type of work robotic solutions best address.  Robotics and automation take on the work that is repetitive, mundane and at times even mindless.  Robotics literally does the “heavy lifting” as well as tasks that might present safety hazards to our people.   The work that remains requires higher levels of math and problem solving skills.  Our operators are freed up from routine tasks to focus on high level quality inspections and statistical process control.  This requires them to expand their skill sets and grow in their abilities.  That is why we offer an in-house advanced technical training program led by a master’s degreed instructor.  It is why we sponsor four-year apprenticeship programs and offer tuition reimbursement.  All of this helps our employees become more knowledgeable and valuable to our team.

This combination of advanced knowledge workers, robotics and automation allows us to be more productive, competitive and profitable.  These forces, in fact, generate new jobs.  Increased sales per employee allow us to invest in those things that make Camcraft a great place to work.  Recently we initiated a bonus plan in which every single employee participates.   As the company grows every team member is rewarded.   We embrace technology as an important tool to promote the growth, development and well-being of our people.


John Walker
VP of Human Resources