Employee Wellness Makes Us a Better Business

At Camcraft, our commitment to being a “great place to work” includes a comprehensive approach to healthy lifestyles for our employees and their families. From a simple beginning, this dedication to our employees’ health has evolved over the years with the backing of management, the dedication of our human resource professionals and feedback from our employees.

DSC_0015On-Site Fitness

A simple running and walking program was established almost twenty years ago with a 5K run. It was so popular that it immediately became an annual event. Employees even started making suggestions and within a few years an on-site fitness center was established and now contains three treadmills, three elliptical machines, three stationery bikes and free weights. It is open before and after work, during lunch and for AM and PM breaks.

Dedicated to Health

The wellness program has continued to evolve with help from HR leaders Debbie Serna and Amanda Walker. They constantly monitor the programs, gather input from employees and mix up the package depending on attendance and popularity.

One of the current popular programs is a walk/run challenge. Using the “Map my Run” app, workers compete to see who racked up the most miles every week (miles on the shop floor don’t count). Instructor led aerobics classes are also well attended, run by our own in-house experts.

Employees are kept informed and educated through a monthly health newsletter (Well on Target). Each edition features a new health topic such as hydration, healthy eating or the latest in exercise trends.

Developing Healthier Habits

Another way we safeguard our employees’ health is to provide programs that help them benchmark key health metrics, this includes annual physicals and full blood work-up for all employees and their spouses. We also work with the American Lung Association so that employees looking to stop smoking can receive assistance in completing a certified cessation program. Interested employees receive a packet and work directly with the American Lung Association on a personalized phone-in program that involves one-on-one tips, suggestions and encouragement.

Our Weight Watchers program has also been very successful. Participants are educated on how to develop healthier eating habits and fitness routines. Mentorship and motivation help build lasting lifestyle improvements. By popular demand this program has been expanded to include other franchises such as Jenny Craig and Seattle Sutton.

Healthier Employees Are Happier Employees

We firmly believe our comprehensive program is well worth the effort. Have these programs paid off? Last year 85% of our workers had a perfect attendance record. You can’t put a price tag on something like that.