ECM Excels at Machining Small, Intricate Cavities in Precision Parts

GP8A2297Camcraft has long been known for investment in innovative technology to better meet the needs of our customers. One recent example is our deployment of electrochemical machining (ECM) technology that has brought an increased level of precision for hard to machine components to our shop floor.

ECM is often characterized as “reverse electroplating.” Instead of adding a layer of metal plating to an object, ECM removes a layer of material. Unlike other machining methods that place a cutting tool edge against raw metal, ECM uses chemicals and electricity to form the surface of the material to the desired configuration.

Because of these unique properties, ECM technology is highly valued by our customers who have high precision or complex molding applications. In many cases, these applications are difficult or impossible to address using conventional machining methods.

GP8A2303Because of the small and flexible “cutting” edge, ECM can cut small or odd-shaped angles, complex contours or cavities both externally and internally. Small intricate channels can be formed deep inside the component with great precision. Geometric shapes can be fashioned for strength and structural integrity of the piece deep inside where other methods can’t reach. The path of the tool can be programmed for an extremely high degree of accuracy.

Another benefit and capability of the ECM process is burr removal, also known as electrochemical de-burring (ECD). Many customer applications require burr-free intersection of complex, angled cross-holes and milled slots. The ECD process not only removes burrs, but also conditions sharp edges, which improves product integrity and promotes increased product life.

While offering the advantages of ECM and ECD to customers through outside sources in the past, having this technology in-house gives us an increased level of capability and flexibility in meeting customer requirements.

Combined with the imaginations of our customers and the skills of our machinists, we will now have the freedom to partner with our customers to experiment with ECM technology and achieve amazing results. Watch this video to see our ECM system in action.