The Doctor Will See You Now: Camcraft Brings Medical Care to Employees

hands with stethoscopeEveryone knows you should get regular medical checkups to stay healthy. However, because of modern life’s demanding pace, most people don’t see a doctor on a regular basis. In many companies, employees struggle to find a doctor, make appointments, ask for time off and sit in a waiting room full of sick people before being seen. Here at Camcraft, we realize healthy employees are our greatest asset. So, we approach preventive healthcare in an entirely different fashion. We bring the doctor to the patients. They don’t even have to clock out!

Complete Primary Care – Onsite

All of our employees are eligible to visit our mobile medical unit (MMU) which pulls right into our parking lot every other month. The MMU is basically an RV that is fully equipped for complete medical physicals. It has a private exam room and a separate waiting area – all in an efficient, compact facility.

The team of three doctors conducts annual physicals, takes blood for lab tests and can even perform stress tests with a treadmill on site. What other types of health services do they offer? Anything you might go to a primary care physician for – a hurt finger, headaches, colds, anxiety, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. The doctor can prescribe medicine for existing conditions like any primary care physician.

Long-Term Risk Assessments

We also offer bi-annual health assessments. This group comes on site for a day with their fasting lab capabilities. The purpose is to screen employees on a regular basis for metabolic risks that can cause long-term health problems. They check for:

  • high blood pressure
  • large waistline
  • low HDL’s
  • high triglyceride
  • high fasting blood sugar

Other onsite health services Camcraft offers are flu shots and hearing screenings, free to all employees.

Building a Pro-Active Health Plan

Most employees take advantage of the program since just being aware of current health conditions is half the battle to long-term health. If a condition is discovered, they can take the proper steps to do something about it. Some employees in the past have found out they have high blood pressure or were at high risk for a heart attack, and have been able to take the proper actions to reduce their risk. This unit also tests for nicotine. If nicotine is found in an employee’s system, we offer a smoking cessation program (free of charge). If the employee enrolls and finishes the program (even if they don’t quit smoking) they qualify for a discounted insurance rate.

A Program That Benefits Everyone

Besides the long-term benefits of our MMU, productivity isn’t affected since it takes less than an hour for a checkup. Compare that with clocking out, driving to a doctor, waiting, seeing the doctor, driving back to the plant and clocking in. Everyone appreciates the convenience and accessibility of the MMU.

Since we are self-insured, the doctors in our MMU know they will be paid on time with a minimum of paperwork. This means they stay with the program and establish long-term relationships with our employees and give them highly personalized attention. Many of our employees use our MMU doctors as their primary care physician.

Good Health and Happy Lives

Here at Camcraft, we strive to make it easy for our employees to make good choices and take control of their health. Bringing quality healthcare right to our front door minimizes stress, reduces time off due to illness and helps ensure our valued employees are going to be with us for a long, long time.