Continuous Improvement at Camcraft: Impacting our Customers

Our employees have implemented over 20,000 documented improvements throughout our state-of–the-art precision machining facilities since 2012, the year we initiated our E2B2 Program (Everyone, Everyday getting Better and Better). With over 350 implemented improvements each month, it’s not just something we do; it’s become embedded into our organizational DNA.

While most E2B2s are focused on a specific area in our plant to improve efficiency, safety, cleanliness or cost, many cut across departments and have a broad impact on our operations. And most improvements have a direct impact on our customers’ experience, achieving an end result of expanded capabilities, improved quality levels and increased flexibility in meeting volatile customer demand while maintaining 99.9% on-time delivery.

Here are just a few of what we refer to as high impact E2B2 opportunities that were implemented this past year:

plasticshields-croppedDOWNTIME REDUCTIONS

Challenge: Machining cell operators were spending over 30 minutes per shift cleaning the inspection camera lens.

E2B2 Solution: Operator developed custom plastic shields to prevent cutting fluid mist from contaminating the inspection camera lens within the automated cell.

Solution Benefit: More through-put per shift and more time for the cell operators to focus on part quality and cell maintenance.


A large part being washed in a parts washer had to be bolted into place prior to wash cycle which was time consuming and labor intensive.

E2B2 Solution: Designed a new wash basket that replaces the bolts with a series of clamps that are much faster and easier to operate.

Solution Benefit: Reduced operator load/unload time from 50 hours to 6.25 hours for each production lot, improving response time and increasing capacity for customer demand. 



Challenge: Machining chips would accumulate inside Swiss CNC lathes, creating quality and inefficiencies that slowed limited throughput.

E2B2 Solution: Designed a custom chip flushing system that does a thorough job of eliminating chips, preventing chip impressions in parts and reducing lead time on the component.

Solution Benefit: Improved uptime and quality.


Hoist with Solid wheel and environment


Challenge: A 250-lb. grinding wheel required two people to move it.

E2B2 Solution: Designed a custom grinding wheel hoist that only requires one person to operate.

Solution Benefits: Wheel changes are safer and more efficient, with machine change-over time down from 2 hours to 20 minutes.


Greg Carrico, Manager of Operational Excellence, summed up the E2B2 Program in a note to team members, “What would Camcraft look like without everyone’s commitment to getting better every day? It’s a scary thought, right? By reducing downtime, finding a more cost effective alternative, working safer, and eliminating waste in our processes, we are strengthening and advancing this organization. With this commitment, I know we can succeed at whatever we put our minds to.”

For more examples of E2B2s or our E2B2 methodology, call Camcraft’s E2B2 leader Greg Carrico at 630.582.6000 and he’ll gladly provide additional information on our program!