Why We Applied for Best and Brightest Recognition

Do We Practice What We Preach?

That was the big question we wanted to answer. This year, we had the opportunity to throw our hat into the ring for Best and Brightest Companies To Work For. We’d be thrilled with recognition, but the real benefit is the ability to validate that we are who we say we are.

At Camcraft, we work hard to create a welcoming environment, ensure world-class training opportunities and foster a strong collaborative environment. We pride ourselves on turning these components into an unbeatable work culture for our employees, and in turn, making our company better for the benefit of our customers.

How the Best and Brightest Process Works

Through a series of intricate, anonymous surveys, our employees have been able to give firsthand input on our strengths and, most importantly, the areas that could use improvement. Our E2B2 philosophy isn’t simply continuous improvement directed towards our machining processes; it impacts everything we do and strive to be — including our people and our culture. Continuous Improvement is the catalyst for growth, and there are always ways to improve.

Along with the surveys, we also completed a thorough questionnaire to give the Best & Brightest judging panel a glimpse into the culture here at Camcraft. Ultimately, the employee survey results are combined with the questionnaire to give the judging panel the broad picture of the company. Best and Brightest recognition is then decided by these results.

The Unique Benefits of Working at—and with—Camcraft

Our customers have the highest of demands for the components we manufacture, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. But this means our employees need the training to deliver what our customers require, and they need the compensation and recognition to continue to do it. Some of the out-of-the-ordinary things we offer include:

  • We provide an on-site, fully functional mobile medical unit staffed by board-certified physicians. This helps our employees feel better, aids their attendance record and bolsters our performance.
  • Speaking of attendance, we give up to $100 to employees with perfect attendance each quarter, and $200 for perfect annual attendance – really as a “thank you!” because we all know how challenging it can be to be so committed.
  • We make training a lifelong experience at Camcraft. This ongoing training covers technical, leadership and life skills.
  • We pay 100% of tuition for work-related seminars and college courses.
  • With our supplier partners, we provide in-house seminars on the latest technologies that are applicable to our business.
  • We invite guest speakers regularly to speak on areas of employee interest
  • We provide paid time off for mentoring opportunities for everyone interested in our community outreach and enrichment programs.

Our Goal, As Always: Continuous Improvement

It’s important for companies to recognize that continuously improving production isn’t just about implementing the latest technology. It’s about making sure the culture continuously improves as well. Happy employees simply do better work, and better work results in happier customers.

We want to make sure there is no cap on growth at Camcraft, and that means being open to doubling down on the practices that help our culture thrive and eliminating the ones that are weighing us down, all in the name of better performance for our customers.

We will soon know the results of the Best & Brightest Companies to Work For, but no matter what happens, we’re excited to watch the process unfold and see how it positively affects our company culture.