Camcraft Offers An Advanced Sourcing Solution 

Launching a new high stakes technology can fuel a company’s growth and profits for years to come, or conversely, damage a company’s reputation if not executed at the highest level. For an Advanced Sourcing team, these endeavors can be the most impactful challenges of their professional careers.

Research suggests best-in-class enterprises source approximately 80% of their spend using a formal strategic sourcing process*. Most programs, even those involving new products, rely on known designs with proven suppliers helping conform to this “known path”.

When the path to success is unknown, however, and new solutions have yet to be created, both risk and reward are high. Having a partner who is comfortable starting with a clean sheet of paper, one not bound by existing assets or entrenched processes, can allow an optimal solution to move forward. This solution marries all elements of design, function, reliability and cost to minimize risk and condense timelines.

How Intimidating is your New Product Launch?

Complexity of design vs supplier performance chart

Camcraft has a reputation among its customers of not only developing the most challenging machined parts they design, but backing that up with category-leading performance in quality and delivery. Our strong results are rooted in the rigor of our NPI 360 process and in rich collaboration with our customer’s sourcing and development teams.


The components we buy from Camcraft are some of the most complicated we design and are critical in allowing us to maintain our position as a global leader in meeting the most stringent emission and fuel economy standards across all markets.”
–CEO, Large Engine Manufacturer


Camcraft has top-notch employees, better than many other suppliers. They consistently demonstrate honestly and integrity and are always willing to support us. We have very challenging customers and Camcraft employees stand ready to help us meet those challenges.”
—John F., NPI Purchasing Coordinator, Fuel Systems

*Aberdeen Group Advanced Sourcing Report June 2012

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Interested in learning more about NPI 360?