In order for a company to be successful, it needs forward-thinking leaders to see the bigger picture and help everyone achieve the end goal. At Camcraft, we have leaders that do that and more, keeping the company on track every step of the way.

Bern Bertsche, Chairman
Mike Bertsche, CEO
Jason Andringa
Patrick Bertsche
Dale Frank
Bill Spurgeon


The Camcraft management team is focused on creating a business model driven by a rigorous schedule of planning, execution, and review, resulting in superior performance levels for our customers. These experienced individuals act as an extension of our customers’ staff by anticipating their needs and combining the equipment, people, and training needed to support them in an extremely demanding industry.

Mike Bertsche, CEO
Steve Olsen, President
Tom Bertsche, Vice President Sales
Marc Bossert, Vice President Engineering
Janusz Ksel, Director of Manufacturing
Paul Lindsay, Vice President Business Development
Greg Carrico, Director of Human Resources

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