From valves for automotive brake systems to tractor steering components, Camcraft is a trusted manufacturer of precision hydraulic components. Our tight tolerances and superior micro-finishes ensure that sleeves and spools come out burr free and clean every time.

We invest in the best equipment to produce high quality components. Our finishing machines utilize diamond bore sizing to achieve the tightest of tolerances, typically +/- 2.5 microns or less, with micro finishes under 8Ra. 

For heat-treated components, we use our engineering expertise to properly plan for distortion in post heat treatment. This upfront preparation saves time and provides the best results with the lowest distortion.

Many of our hydraulic components are made for efficiency, and we apply the same efficiency to our manufacturing processes. We utilize automation technology to meet the high volume demands of our customers and automated vision inspection systems to achieve zero PPM.


  • High Pressure Diesel Engine Pump

    High Pressure Diesel Engine Pump

    High-pressure pump retaining nut features hard-turned face and I.D. Part produced with burr-free intersection of tapped holes and hard-turned face with 7.5 Micron flatness and .8 RA micro-finish.
  • Anodized Aluminum and Hardened Steel Hydraulic Sleeves

    Anodized Aluminum and Hardened Steel Hydraulic Sleeves

    Anodized aluminum and hardened steel hydraulic sleeves machined with I.D. finishes under 8 Ra and sharp, burr-free metering edges for superior product performance in customer applications.

Anodizing Gives Camcraft Customers a Competitive Edge

As fuel efficiency requirements continue to become more and more strict, the demands of our customers increase as well. With many of our customers requiring a 100% zero defect requirement on the aluminum control valves we manufacture, we needed to find a better solution. After extensive research and experimentation, combined with our machining expertise in…

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Finding the Flow: From Prototype To Series Production

For the past 25 years, our engineers have worked with automotive, off-road and industrial customers to turn hydraulic control valve concepts into reality. More recently, we prototyped, developed flow testing and mass-produced a control valve for a braking system in a hybrid vehicle. The sleeve-spool matched sets had a target diametrical clearance of 2-5 microns,…

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