How to Be the Best Plant You Can Be

Four years ago, Camcraft committed to developing a world class culture for continuous improvement. So when the official word came that Camcraft was a 2015 IndustryWeek Best Plants winner, it was welcome validation that our hard work was paying off. When we started this journey we sought best practices from around the globe, but just…

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The Importance Of Cellular Manufacturing

What is cellular manufacturing, and why is it useful? Paul Lindsay, Vice President of Sales at Camcraft, explains in this new video. A traditional machine shop has departments. A material comes in and goes to Department A, then it sits around until someone comes around and brings it to Department B. There’s a better way,…

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Janusz Ksel: The Embodiment of Teamwork and Precision Engineering

Engineer from the start Even as a child, Janusz Ksel had a love of building and manufacturing. By age 10, he would take bicycles and motorcycles apart so frequently that his mother had to tell him to stop and find a less destructive hobby. His first job out of school was in high-end rubber molding,…

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Camcraft and Solar Atmospheres: Partners in Excellence

One of the traits our customers value is Camcraft’s willingness to find the missing piece of the puzzle to complete a successful product launch, whether it’s a new technology from Europe or Asia, or the perfect recipe to heat treat a critical fuel systems component from Pennsylvania. A mutual customer introduced us to Solar Atmospheres…

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Why Is Shot Peening So Important?

All materials, even steel, have imperfections. Shot peening is used to prevent cracking of these materials under high stress. In this video, Marc Bossert, Vice President of Engineering at Camcraft, explains more about our innovative employment of this process. Thanks to the shot peening process developed by Camcraft, engineers can design products in a smaller…

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