Laughter, Learning, Lego: Camcraft and Parkwood Elementary School

We love working with kids. It’s an unforgettable moment when you see their eyes widen as they realize how fun it is to build something. We also love LEGO. So we combined the two for our community partnership program with Parkwood Elementary School. The program began 20 years ago, and it was established to engage…

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Process Development Guide: The Plan Behind the Part

At Camcraft, our customers are often on the leading edge of technology in their respective industries. As they move forward with new designs, they inevitably come to the point where the product must move from the creative phase to the reality of the production line. It’s in this phase of product development that Camcraft can…

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Growing our People to Grow the Company

Camcraft is well known in the industry for investing in technology. However, we are even more committed to investing in our people. As shown in this video, training is an integral part of Camcraft’s commitment to providing quality products to our customers. The goal for the training program is simple – to have the best-trained…

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Take a plant tour during IMTS 2016

Call us at (630) 582-6000 or email to schedule. Are you in town for IMTS and interested in seeing how an IndustryWeek Best Plant winner works? Come to Camcraft! In celebration of IMTS 2016, our doors are open to you for a plant tour. Tours will run all week, Monday September 12th through Friday…

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Employee Wellness Makes Us a Better Business

At Camcraft, our commitment to being a “great place to work” includes a comprehensive approach to healthy lifestyles for our employees and their families. From a simple beginning, this dedication to our employees’ health has evolved over the years with the backing of management, the dedication of our human resource professionals and feedback from our…

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