The Doctor Will See You Now: Camcraft Brings Medical Care to Employees

Everyone knows you should get regular medical checkups to stay healthy. However, because of modern life’s demanding pace, most people don’t see a doctor on a regular basis. In many companies, employees struggle to find a doctor, make appointments, ask for time off and sit in a waiting room full of sick people before being…

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ECM Excels at Machining Small, Intricate Cavities in Precision Parts

Camcraft has long been known for investment in innovative technology to better meet the needs of our customers. One recent example is our deployment of electrochemical machining (ECM) technology that has brought an increased level of precision for hard to machine components to our shop floor. ECM is often characterized as “reverse electroplating.” Instead of…

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Video: ECM Handles Jobs Other Machining Methods Can’t

Electrochemical machining (ECM), often called “reverse electroplating,” is the process of removing material within complex work pieces using chemicals and electricity. Camcraft achieves high levels of precision in extremely hard-to-reach places using this process. Learn more in this video as Marc Bossert, Camcraft Vice President of Engineering, explains the process. For further information and explanation…

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Cleanliness: A Vital Component of Camcraft’s Manufacturing Process

Grit or foreign objects in a fuel system can clog injectors and cause loss of efficiency, resulting in less power and lower fuel mileage. Debris can also cause failure of fuel systems, leading to engine damage and breakdown. Hydraulic systems can also be damaged by debris generating excess wear on moving parts and degraded performance….

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Camcraft & Parkwood School: 20 Years of Building Community

Many companies will create a fund raising program for a “one off” disaster relief campaign or for a particular employee’s health emergency. It is less common to find an organization that sustains community outreach efforts for the long term. In 1996, Bern Bertsche, currently Chairman of Camcraft, then serving as President, reached out to the…

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