The Importance Of Cellular Manufacturing

What is cellular manufacturing, and why is it useful? Paul Lindsay, Vice President of Sales at Camcraft, explains in this new video. A traditional machine shop has departments. A material comes in and goes to Department A, then it sits around until someone comes around and brings it to Department B. There’s a better way,…

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Manufacturing Cross Holes for Maximum Flow Control

Our challenge was to consistently process cross holes in hydraulic valve bodies for superior flow control. Through the collaboration of Camcraft engineers and a dedicated tooling department we found a way to produce cross holes with well defined, accurately located metering edges without burrs. Watch how we achieved this to give our customer’s a competitive…

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Camcraft Interns Refine Skills To Better Serve Customers in the Future

Customers rely on us for our ability to solve some of their most complex machining and product development issues. Each employee here is dedicated to making sure those challenges are met. But how do we guarantee our high levels of service will continue well into the future? Competition for talent in the manufacturing sector is…

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Camcraft Helps Customer Bring New Part to Market (and Generate Cost Savings)

Camcraft sees collaborative process development as a prime opportunity reduce costs and launch leading edge technologies with and for our customers. The new product development process was recently put to the test when one of our customers (a major provider of aerospace/industrial systems and components) experienced recurring machining issues while trying to develop a working…

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Why We Applied for Best and Brightest Recognition

Do We Practice What We Preach? That was the big question we wanted to answer. This year, we had the opportunity to throw our hat into the ring for Best and Brightest Companies To Work For. We’d be thrilled with recognition, but the real benefit is the ability to validate that we are who we…

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Anodizing Gives Camcraft Customers a Competitive Edge

As fuel efficiency requirements continue to become more and more strict, the demands of our customers increase as well. With many of our customers requiring a 100% zero defect requirement on the aluminum control valves we manufacture, we needed to find a better solution. After extensive research and experimentation, combined with our machining expertise in…

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