At Camcraft, “Quality” is not just a department; it’s infused in everything that we do.

Components for mission critical applications demand the utmost precision. Careful planning and adherence to a robust APQP process provides the optimal foundation for all our new product development activities. Additionally, TS-16949 certification, Six-sigma expertise, and Camcraft’s production system of continuous improvement help to ensure superior quality levels over the life span of your products.

Although we take pride in our certifications, the foundation of our delivered quality is our outstanding production and engineering staff. By providing our team the most current manufacturing and metrology technology available, we encourage the brightest minds in the industry to be innovative and intellectual thinkers in their fields.

Our management offices, production floor, and NPI 360° labs are filled with innovative thinkers, meticulously inspecting and watching over the manufacturing process with the imperative for zero PPM on every component we produce.

All of the components we produce have dozens of critical characteristics. Part conformance is key, so we develop and maintain statistically capable processes with capability levels (Cp) of 1.66.  

Cleanliness: A Vital Component of Camcraft’s Manufacturing Process

Grit or foreign objects in a fuel system can clog injectors and cause loss of efficiency, resulting in less power and lower fuel mileage. Debris can also cause failure of fuel systems, leading to engine damage and breakdown. Hydraulic systems can also be damaged by debris generating excess wear on moving parts and degraded performance….

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The Importance Of Cellular Manufacturing

What is cellular manufacturing, and why is it useful? Paul Lindsay, Vice President of Sales at Camcraft, explains in this new video. A traditional machine shop has departments. A material comes in and goes to Department A, then it sits around until someone comes around and brings it to Department B. There’s a better way,…

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