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NPI 360° is Camcraft’s comprehensive approach to delivering precision and
rigor to the process of New Product Introduction. Camcraft provides leading manufacturers with the expertise and resources to bring their most challenging designs across the finish line.

Our NPI 360° program focuses on providing a seamless progression from prototype to full production. Connecting our cross-functional development team to yours, we start with the end in mind. We understand that when production intent metrology, fixture design, tooling design, automation, cleaning systems and packaging inform the final print, we can optimize overall cost, performance and reliability of the end product. Our NPI 360° team members specialize in bringing new concepts to life with the confidence of knowing that what you see through the development process will be delivered in production.

Camcraft’s NPI 360° is your choice when both risk and reward are high. Tip the scales in your favor with the most rigorous approach to new product introduction in the industry.

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Schedule your company’s own free, NPI 360° product development workshop today by contacting: Paul Lindsay at

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Quick Links

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Camcraft sees collaborative process development as a prime opportunity reduce costs and launch leading edge technologies with and for our customers. The new product development process was recently put to the test when one of our customers (a major provider of aerospace/industrial systems and components) experienced recurring machining issues while trying to develop a working…

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Cleanliness: A Vital Component of Camcraft’s Manufacturing Process

Grit or foreign objects in a fuel system can clog injectors and cause loss of efficiency, resulting in less power and lower fuel mileage. Debris can also cause failure of fuel systems, leading to engine damage and breakdown. Hydraulic systems can also be damaged by debris generating excess wear on moving parts and degraded performance….

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